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SR Mittal, B Rani


ABSTRACT: Introduction: Neoplasm of gastrointestine (GIT) is one of the leading cause of death.Early detection of malignancy greatly improves the survival rate of the patients. Along with histological study of biopsy specimens, cytological study also provide an accurate reflection of many pathological processes. The present study was conducted to evaluate and compare immediate crush smear cytodiagnosis with the histopathology diagnosis. Materials and methods: 18 cases were studied in present study. Crush smears prepared and stained with MGG &PAP stain. HPE was done in 14 cases. Results: On cytology 4/18 cases were non neoplastic. Rest 11/14 cases(79%) showed correlation between cytology and Histopathology. Conclusion: Crush smear cytology is highly sensitive, specific, cheap, easier and quick procedure for identification of GIT malignancy. It can be used as an adjunct to histopathology for diagnosis of GIT lesions.

KEY WORDS: GIT, endoscopic, crush smear, cytology, histopathology


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