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Case Study





A Malhotra


ABSTRACT: Glioblastoma is an aggressive malignant glial neoplasm of the CNS with a dismal prognosis. It often presents as a ring enhancing lesion on imaging and if accompanied by abundant necrosis, it can often be misinterpreted as an abscess. Even on a histological examination, in the background of predominantly necrosis, the neoplasm might be missed without a thorough evaluation. This case had a similar presentation accompanied by an exuberant granulation tissue response mimicking an abscess, however no organism was found. A detailed radiological, pathological and microbiological evaluation is presented.


KEY WORDS: Glioblastoma; Abscess; Necrosis; Ring enhancing.


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Malhotra A. Glioblastoma mimicking an abscess: a radio-pathological case report.  Int. J. Med. Lab. Res. 2020; 5,2:69-72.

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