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J Mamatha, P Simon, K R Thilakchand, R Vijendra, S Rao, M S Baliga, P L Palatty


ABSTRACT: Cancer, an ailment as old as mankind is still a major issue in almost all parts of the world. Of all the symptoms pain is the most important and fearsome symptom and pain management is an important aspect. Although most pain specialists and oncologists worldwide are well aware of the importance to adequately treat the pain, it was yet established that more than half of cancer patients have insufficient pain control, and about quarter of them actually die in pain. In this review article we attempted to provide the comprehensive information about different options available nowadays for treating cancer pain focusing on most widely used pharmacologic agents and ways to increase the effectiveness of treatment maximally optimizing analgesic regimen and improving compliance.


KEY WORDS: analgesic ladder, opioids, NSAIDS


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Mamatha J, Simon P, Thilakchand KR, Vijendra R, Rao S, Baliga MS, Palatty PL. Cancer pain and analgesics: a brief review. Int. J. Med. Lab. Res. 2021; 6,1:35-44.

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