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Case Study






Kiran Agarwal, Neha Suman

ABSTRACT: Synovial sarcoma represents 5-10% of all soft tissue sarcomas. It occurs primarily in the periarticular regions of extremities. Rarely this tumour has been reported in kidney. After extensive search of literature, less than 100 cases have been reported till date. It is difficult to diagnose this tumour because of its rarity and also because of its morphological resemblance to tumours like renal cell carcinoma with sarcomatoid differentiation, adult Wilms’ tumour, spindle cell carcinoma and metastatic sarcoma. Thorough histopathological examinations along with immunohistochemical markers are helpful in establishing the diagnosis. Here we present a case of a 27-year-old male who presented with right renal mass and was later diagnosed as primary synovial sarcoma of kidney. We also present a 10-year comprehensive review of the literature

KEYWORD:  Kidney, rare, synovial sarcoma.


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Agarwal K, Suman N. A rare case report of primary synovial sarcoma of kidney. Int. J. Med. Lab. Res. 2022; 7,2:34-40.

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