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Ankita, GK Singh


ABSTRACT: Rape is one of the serious traumas leading to produce the long term and irreparable negative effects like as PTSD i.e. post traumatic stress disorder, depression, suicidal attempts, health issues etc. Sex related crimes are happening in every society and across the worldwide. Often, such crimes cause serious and permanent damage to the physical and mental wellbeing of the victims if taking the form of sexual violence. The effects of such offences are as much serious as that of physical injury. The damage caused by sexual violence demands justice for the safety and preservation of female dignity. The sexual assault victims need post-assault support.  The victims suffer physically, emotionally, psychologically and morally due to sexual violation. So, there is a great need to pay attention towards the mental concerns of the rape victims. The sexual assault victims need immediate medical treatment and examination. Moreover, an emotional support plays a great role in the recovery of victims otherwise lack of such support may lead the victims to suffer from psychological disorders. In this article, different social and psychological problems faced by the rape victims have been reviewed. Along with social and psychological problems, the experience of the survivors in the legal and medical system suffering from various barriers has been reviewed.


KEY WORDS: Sexual assault; Psychological; PTSD; Emergency Contraception; Rape Survivors.


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Ankita, Singh GK. A review on the different physical, social and psychological impacts and problems faced by rape survivors . Int. J. Med. Lab. Res. 2021; 6,2:46-54.

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