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Would you like to register as a peer reviewer?


International Journal of Medical laboratory research will be pleased to accept services of experts in medical research fields as referees.

To register your name, please send the soft copies of your detailed CV and a Recent Colored passport size photograph to ( for evaluation.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate at least five years of continuous experience in the field after completion of the education in that field and at least five original research papers in journal.

Please note that the acceptance of your application will be at the sole discretion of the editors.

Reviewers’ Guidelines: here

You can also send your information online click here


Receiving a peer review invitation

When you receive a review invitation, you should consider whether you have sufficient expertise in the article’s subject area. You should also consider if you can complete the review by the deadline provided in the review invitation.

  • If the answer to either of those questions is “no,” you should promptly decline the invitation. Suggestions of other potential reviewers are always appreciated.

  • If you decide to accept the invitation, follow the instructions in the email to signal your acceptance. You will then receive information on how to access the article and conduct your review.


Submitting Reviewer comments

Once you have accepted the review invitation, you will be given access to the article. You should evaluate the article with the following questions in mind:

  • Is the study well designed and well executed?

  • Is the existing body of relevant work acknowledged?

  • Are the results interpreted and reported correctly? Have all other possible interpretations been duly considered?

  • Are the results overly preliminary or speculative?

  • Does the research contribute to the body of scientific knowledge in the field?

  • Is the article appropriate for this publication?

  • Is the article written in clear, concise language?

Follow the publication’s instructions for submitting feedback, suggestions, and a recommended decision. Remember that your commentary should always be thorough and professional.

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