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Abstract: Plasma proteins such as albumin are indispensible in maintaining numerous essential roles of living cells. This objective of this study was to determine the total serum protein, albumin and serum protein electrophoresis pattern of alcoholics. One hundred samples comprising sixty (60) subjects (alcohol users) and forty controls (non-alcohol users) were recruited for this study. Total protein and albumin were determined using spectrophotometric methods and protein electrophoresis respectively. The results were presented in tables and chat as mean ± standard deviation. Statistical analysis was done using one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Student’s t-test using IBM SPSS version 24.0. A p-values of <0.05 was considered significant. The results obtained showed that the mean value of total protein in subjects and control was 50.22±8.44 g/L and 74.38±8.12 g/L, albumin was 30.89±5.05 g/L and 45.13±5.18 g/L, globulin was 19.33±6.11 g/L and 29.25±5.36 g/L, while albumin/globulin ratio was 1.6 and 1.54 respectively. Statistically, total protein, albumin and globulin were significantly lower (p<0.05) in subjects compared with control group. This study concludes that alcohol consumption significantly reduced the level of total protein, albumin and globulins. The combination of these parameters in combinations may be a useful indicator for identification and determination of severity of alcoholic liver diseases. Regular screening exercise of alcoholics should be carried out to detect individuals at risk of hepatic dysfunction.

KEYWORDS: Alcoholics, Plasma proteins, Protein Electrophoresis, Total protein, Albumin


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OMON AE, AJAYI OD, EDET OO, OSHOBUGIE BN, ALAKE OA1. Total protein, albumin and serum protein electrophoresis pattern of alcoholics in Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti state.  Int. J. Med. Lab. Res. 2023;8,3:1-8.

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