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Objectives: The objective of the present study was to synthesis a lipstick with natural color pigment - anthocyanin which extracted from Rosa 'Mister Lincoln' and studies its color stability during storage period. Materials and Methods: Different organic ingredients such as beeswax, Shreeji Wax, vanilla essence, castor oil, olive oil, lemon juice and Anthocyanin extracted from Rosa 'Mister Lincoln' was used for the formulation of herbal lipstick. Results: The Physico-chemical properties of the synthesized lipstick such as spreadability, skin irritation test, and breaking point, surface anomalies, melting point, and perfume stability, homogeneity and color uniformity were determined and compared with commercial lipsticks. The stability of the synthesized lipstick found to be stable under dark condition while color loss was greater for lipstick in light condition. Conclusion: Due to the low pigmentation from method, Anthocyanin is suggested incorporate in to lip balm application. This study has proven that Anthocyanin could replace synthetic dye in cosmetics industry for lip balm application.

KEYWORD:  Anthocyanin, Organic ingredients, Rosa 'Mister Lincoln' and lip balm






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Sai datri A, Lakshmana Rao A, B.D.V. Vinayaki M, Zakir MD, Sri Snigdhanjani M, Pavani N. Formulation and evaluation of herbal lipstick using rosa 'mister lincoln'. Int. J. Med. Lab. Res. 2022; 7,1:18-23.

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