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ChinmayaKeshariSahoo, D.Venkata Ramana, Kokkula Satyanarayana

ABSTRACT:The aim of the study was to give information on properties of suture and ligature materials in order to assist surgeons in their selection of adequate sutures for specific surgical applications. The essential requirements and characteristics of suturing materials effects on properties of surgical sutures and ligatures.Suturing consists of ensuring good adaptation of body tissues for proper wound healing. Suturing is a skill that requires good technique and the right material. A ligature is a thread used to constrict and seal off a blood vessel, vein or artery hence to ligate. Absorbable suture is used to close the edges of a wound or incision and to repair damaged tissue. Non-absorbable sutures are designed to either be left permanently in the body or are to be removed after a certain healing period.


KEYWORDS: Suture, ligature, absorbable, non-absorbable



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