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Jagriti1, Dr. Anil Kumar Jaiswal and Dr. Ashok Kumar Jaiswal

ABSTRACT:Nanochemistry has gained importance in different fields since its advent in 1990’s. One can find nanomaterials being used successfully in various fields such as engineering, medical, biochemistry, medicines etc. Forensic science too is not untouched by this emerging technology. Many reviews have been given regarding scope of nanotechnology in various fields such as biomedicine, medical, software industry, engineering etc. Many debates have been raised with respect to toxicity of nanomaterials and the present scenario calls for research in the area of maintaining nanotechnology sustainable as well as evolving.  Here we will review the scope of nanomaterials in forensic science, their present applications , its  future scope in the field of forensic science and the challenges that lay ahead.


KEYWORDS: Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Forensic science.



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