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 A.K. Jaiswal, Anita Yadav, T.Millo, S.K Gupta


ABSTRACT: Microwave digestion system plays very important role for digestion on different samples such as tissues,blood,hair,nails,rocks,minerals etc during sample preparation for analytical purposes. Its use is readily understood from breadth of its applications. The range of material that can be analyzed by Microwave digestion system is essentially unlimited. Applications are found in diverse fields such as forensic science, pharmaceuticals, food and agriculture, biological and clinical chemistry, environmental chemistry and many others. Standard operating procedure for Sineo make&model MDS10 Microwave digestion system have been developed. The different steps involved for smooth running of microwave digestion system has been successfully explained.

KEY WORDS: Standard operating procedure(SOP),microwave digestion, MDS-10, blood, tissue, urine, etc.



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