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J Kaur, G Goyal, S Singh



Background: FLT3 mutations are common genetic changes reported to have prognostic significance in acute leukemia. Fms-like tyrosine kisnase-3 (FLT3) belongs to class-III tyrosine kinase family and plays an important role in proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells. The present study investigated the prevalence, distribution pattern in different cytogenetic groups and association with clinical parameters in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) patients. Methods: FLT3/ITD mutation was studied in Pre-B ALL (n=82) and Pre-T ALL (n=29) patients by PCR in exons 14 and 15 of FLT3 gene. Results: FLT3/ITD was detected in 7.3 % of Pre-B ALL patients. However, no FLT3/ITD mutation was detected in Pre-T ALL patients. Prevalence of FLT3/ITD (9.5%) among pediatric (<15 years) patients was high with normal cytogenetics (n=18). In patients with t (9:22) translocation (n=22) and hyperdiploidy (n=3), FLT3/ITD mutation was detected in 9.5% and 67% patients respectively. No statistical significant relationship was found between FLT3/ITD mutation and clinical features like age, WBC, PLT Count and Hb level. Conclusion: This is the first report investigating FLT3/ITD mutation prevalence in ALL patients from Pakistan. It is important to screen this mutation in certain cytogenetic subgroups of ALL patients to further assess their role in patient overall survival and targeted treatment therapy.



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