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For Reviewer comments

 Instruction for Reviewing Article:

Once you have accepted the review invitation, you will be given access to the article. you can download the PDF form above link.You should evaluate the article with the following questions in mind:

  • Is the study well designed and well executed?

  • Is the existing body of relevant work acknowledged?

  • Are the results interpreted and reported correctly? Have all other possible interpretations been duly considered?

  • Are the results overly preliminary or speculative?

  • Does the research contribute to the body of scientific knowledge in the field?

  • Is the article appropriate for this publication?

  • Is the article written in clear, concise language?


Follow the publication’s instructions for reviewing article and fill Reviewer comments, suggestion and a recommended decision in below given form.

Remember that your commentary should always be thorough and professional.

Best of luck!

Fill Reviwer comments in the form below

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