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                                     FLOW CYTOMETRY: MULTI-DIMENSIONAL & MULTI-FACETED

                                                                           Programme Includes

                      Conference                                                                                        Workshops

                      29-30th Oct, 2018                               31st Oct-1st Nov 2018

               RNA Flow Cytometry                                                                        MRD by Flow Cytometry
                 Strategies for Analyzing High Dimensional Data                     Multi-color Flow cytometry

                 Quality Assurance in Flow Cytometry Laboratory                  Transplant immunology – Flow  crossmatch and Luminex based testing

                 Proficiency Testing in Flow Cytometry                                       Cell Sorting
                 Image Cytometry in Clinics & Research


 Conference Presentations & Awards

  • TCS Annual Awards 2018: Basic & Clinical Sciences

  • TCS Travel Awards 2018- Applicable for students only

  • Abtracts for Conference Presentations


Confirmed International Faculty

Prof. Paul K Wallace, President, ISAC,Roswell Park Cancer Institute,USA
Prof. Brent L Wood, University of Washington USA
Prof. Alberto Orfao, University of Salamanca Spain
Mr. Liam Whitby, UK NEQAS for Leucocyte Immunophenotyping


National Faculty includes:

Sunil K Arora, Amar Dasgupta, Sumeet Gujral, Ritu Gupta, Paresh Jain and many others



11TH The Cytometry Society (TCS) Annual Conference & Workshop(s) - 2018

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